Different Types of Tote Bags

Different Types of Tote Bags

Browse a variety of Tote Bags and Tote Shopping Bags to get an idea what they look like.

types of tote bags

Tote bags have become so common that people use it for more or less everything. Whether you are going out shopping or you are going to the beach, you will have at least one tote bag with you. The good thing is that these bags are not used just because they look cool. Instead, they are used because they are highly practical and can accommodate a lot more than a standard handbag.

Here are some of the most common types of tote bags:

Canvas Tote Bags:

Canvas is a strong cotton material which might not look stylish but it definitely is durable sturdy. The first forms of tote bags that became popular and started the whole trend were actually canvas totes. Started by L.L. Bean as boat totes, these were first type of tote bags that gained the attention of many, hence bringing totes into the main scene. Canvas totes are usually flat bottomed providing stability and more storage than a narrow bottomed tote. Mostly, canvas totes are rectangular in shape and come in various sizes. You can find a canvas tote of the size of a laptop as well as of the size of an overnight bag. In other words, since canvas totes are the most common types of totes, they are usually found in more or less every size. Also, the straps can be long and short both. However, the boating totes come with straps long enough to be taken on the shoulder. Colors are practically unlimited when it comes to canvas totes. But, don’t expect them to be the glossy type. Since canvas itself is a sturdy and rough textured cotton fabric, it can’t offer you the glossiness.

Beach Totes:

Beach totes are the ones that are usually made from canvas, plastic, nylon and straw. The most useful types of beach totes are the ones made from plastic and straw. The reason why they considered the most useful is that they can resist moisture and heat both. On the other hand, since plastic and straw totes are cheap to buy, they are ideal for beach picnics where you can easily lose your bags. At least with a cheap beach tote you won’t be worried about losing hundreds of dollars if the bag gets displaced. When it comes to closure, most beach tote bags are open without zippers or buttons. Since they are to be used roughly and not for parties or anything, it is best to use them for non-expensive items. Most people use these totes for putting in clothes or utensils.

Luxury Travel Totes:

The concept of tote bags has evolved over the decades. They are now not only used as rugged bags but also as fashion bags. Also, since they are made to be spacious, they are widely used as travel bags too. But, you must realize the fact that luxury or stylish travel totes are quite different from the usual totes. Some good examples of luxury travel totes would include Alligator Duffel Bag, Halsea Roller Suitcase, Laptop totes and the like. Some other notable designers have their lines of luxury totes as well. Remember, these totes are not usually made from jute, plastic or straw. Instead, they are based on a combination of materials to jazz up the texture as well as the color combination.

Mini Totes:

Mini totes have become quite popular in the recent years. They are excellent to carry your items since they are spacious and at the same time they are small enough to give you the elegance and charm. Remember, mini totes can be found in different varieties. You can find canvas mini totes, leather mini totes, etc. The whole purpose and idea behind using a mini tote is to minimize the carrying size while maximizing the space. When it comes to the straps or handles, you can find a huge variety in mini totes. They come with small handles as well as long straps. However, the most popular ones are the handle ones. Since these totes are small, most people think it looks awkward for them to have long straps.

Sports Tote Bags:

Sports totes are another variety of tote bags that has become popular in the recent years. Sport totes are usually made of parachute material or canvas material. Since these totes need to be extremely sturdy and weather resistant, they are not made of delicate fabrics compared to the luxury totes. You can find sports totes of various brands in the market such as of Nike, Adidas and the like. As for the style, these totes come in various styles. They can be backpacks, duffel bags or even slings.

Leather Tote:

Definitely, leather tote is the most chic type of tote available today. There are three types of varieties that can be found; fully grain leather totes, corrected grain leather totes and suede totes. All the three are usually considered fashion bags and the ones you could use for the beach or for grocery shopping. Also, since these are expensive totes, they are usually carried around by the elites.

Browse a variety of Tote Bags and Tote Shopping Bags to get an idea what they look like.